Facilities Management

Taking care of facilities… everyone understands it’s important, but it often requires more time and expertise than what is available. Facility managers are charged with overseeing operations and maintenance for a variety of building types. Some are old, some are new, but all of them have unique needs and requirements. And like everyone, facility managers are under growing pressure to do more with less.

SHP has always taken a holistic view of facilities. In designing facilities we keep the long-term maintenance and operations in mind. The comprehensive BIM databases we develop play an integral role in any owner’s Facilities Management plan. Our long-term commitment to our clients means we stay involved in the life of the building and offer a complete line of services to fulfill our trusted advisor role no matter the issue.

Since SHP can provide assistance in all areas of facility maintenance you have a wide array of services to choose from which enables you to maintain a single point of contact but also pick and choose those services that fit your needs and do not overlap or duplicate current successful in-house processes. You can customize a package of services to create the best program to fit your needs.

Facilities Management services include:

Facility assessments

Capital improvement plan development

Maintenance / custodial staffing audits, projections and recommendations

Facility maintenance budget audits, projections and recommendations

Warranty management

Building equipment life cycle audits

Facility maintenance / custodial training

Operational consulting

Request for Proposal (RFP) / selection of contract services

Energy audits

Energy modeling

Energy management and improvements

Energy grants, rebates and incentives

Utility rate structure/negotiation

HVAC commissioning

IT consulting