SHAPE Environments

Born from the desire to provide our clients a broader range of services, SHAPE Environments is an LLC that goes beyond the services of your typical A/E firm. Leveraging the experience and expertise that has made SHP Leading Design a recognized leader, SHAPE brings a talented group of designers to your projects.

At SHAPE, we provide a collection of the latest creative and technical services to the built environment industry.

SHAPE focuses on two main branches of service offerings, Creative and BIM services.

Creative Services

In these competitive times, companies need every advantage they can to differentiate their products and services. At SHAPE, we can help our clients with everything from branding, website creation, and collateral production to a number of other creative services.  Is there an App for that?  Developers of the award winning EcoFlash family of apps and the newly released ArchiFlash, SHAPE has the resources to take your ideas to the mobile world.

BIM Services

With over 5 Years and $1B in BIM experience in the A/E industry, SHAPE has pioneered a variety of BIM services to bring value and time savings to our clients. Working with clients like Haworth, Case, & Versteel, SHAPE is leading the industry in developing Revit content to the architectural and furniture manufacturers.  SHAPE also offers it’s BIM expertise in shop drawing creation, construction, and consulting services.

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